Bovine Ultrasounds

Bovine Ultrasound

BMV are specialists in veterinary ultrasound. BMV’s ultrasound
technology that is rugged, reliable, and built to cope with the demanding
environment of the farm, stable, and veterinary practice. Featured
BestScan® series ,Pad Touch(PT) series and FarmScan® series are
featured for Bovine(dairy,beef cattle), Small Ruminants(Ovine,Caprine ) and Porcine.

Bovine Ultrasounds

BestScan® S8 HD Goggles Curve

Robust BestScan® S8 with curve convex probe for ULTRAWIDE ...

BestScan® S8 HD Goggles Linear

Simply,smart bovine(beef,dairy)ultrasound systems,meet your ...

BestScan® S6 Touch Curve

Compact touch veterinary ultrasound system for large ...

BestScan® S6 Touch Linear

Compact touch ultrasound system for ...

FarmScan® L60 Linear

Economic choice, quick diagnosis for ...

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FarmScan® L60 Curve

Preferred for use in large animals and for echocardiography ...

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PT50A Vet

PT50A, fully-featured touch black & white ultrasound ...

Estrous Detector For Cattle

Electronic estrous detector for animals

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