FarmScan® M50

Pig-sheep-goat handheld ultrasound scanner systems,comes equipped with a best-in-class combination of performance and affordability!

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FarmScan® L60 Convex, a high-end ultrasound scanner particularly good for Pig-Sheep-Goat fertility and reproduction work.

FarmScan® M50 can check whether the pig is pregnant or not as well as 18 days after mating , avoiding the waste of non-pregnanet feed. At a rough estimate, this action can directly save about 2000USD feed cost for farm for every 100 head of the sow.

m50 application

More indirect economic benefits

  • Increase the litter size;
  • Enhance productivity ;
  • Find disease and epidemic situation timely.



  • Only weight 0.48 kg;
  • Excellent imaging quality and ergonomic design for fast and reliable detection;
  • 5.8 inch WVGA LCD monitor, wide viewing angle, LCD monitor can turn off when use I-Scan® Video Goggle;
  • Support USB ultrasound workstation to transfer images and video to your computer, 450~550-frame cine loop;
  • Support leather sheath, designed to be resistant to extremely harsh farm conditions;
  • Software & Report for reproductive system, and measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angel, heart rate;
  • Portability by a shoulder belt giving you total freedom of movements.


Professional your FarmScan® M50

M50 accessories


Download: FarmScan M50 for small and large animal pregnancy BMV Brochure

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