FarmScan® L70

This device can be used for swine, sheep, goat, cattle, camel,etc.function including: pregnancy checking, backfat checking, eye muscles.


Professional FarmScan® L70 for Backfat, Muscle Scoring measurement; multiple usage with other optional probes. It was updated by FarmScan® L60, comes with much more high resolution, more precision and reliable detection.It is the greatest love of all for veterinary experts and farm operator.


Exciting advantages:

  • Electronic linear dorsal probe of 3.5 MHz—15cm (for back fat mesurements)
  • It is the best to measure the diameter of the loin and the measurement of
  • backfat and loin in a single image, all measured in tenths of a millimeter.
  • Specific designed linear probe 155 mm long to measure back-fat, perimeter and area of loin. It has a large image resolution and precision in tenths of mm.
  • Excellent scanning with standoff for full display of loin eye in a transverse exploration, to perform the perimeter and area measurement.



  • Backfat, Muscle Scoring measurement; multiple usage with other optional probes.
  • Fully digital scanning.
  • Front End now with 96 element arrays, 32 channels.
  • 256 gray scales, 5.8 inch TFT LCD.
  • Highly integrated circuits for small, light and compact design.
  • Video connector, for external monitor (such as video glasses), VCR, or video image printer.
  • USB port for direct to computer connection (with software).



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