BPU Series

Color Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic System

1. Advanced Imaging Technologies

bpu Advanced Imaging Technologies 1

bpu Advanced Imaging Technologies 1

bpu Advanced Imaging Technologies 1

 bpu Advanced Imaging Technologies 1


3. Comprehensive Clinical Application Solutions

BPU60Supper Data Management System

Built in 500G hard disk

Saving for cines

Built-in workstation helps quickly searching patient data and reviewing cines, which facilitates the doctor’s operation

 Built in workstation

Comprehensive information solutions

 Standard hardware connectors
  1. DVI port , connecting Monitor and projector
  2. Network port, connecting DICOM server or network
  3. Printer port
  4. Footswitch port , connecting the footswitch
  5. Video output port, connecting video printer
  6. S-video out port, connecting to TV or color video printer
  7. Serial port, connecting the debugging cable



4. Ergonomic Appearance Design

Ergonomic Appearance Design


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