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VueSigns™ FM10

10.2" Integrated Plug in Modular monitor for maternal and infant

  • Integrated Plug in Modular
  • 10.2" colorful and clear TFT display
  • Optional for different Modulars
  • Meet the requirement for Critical care
  • Touch screen available, Direct display convenient operation




fm12 1

3-parameters fetal monitoring standard screen

Real-time monitoring of the fetal heart rate, uterine contraction pressure, and fetal movement.

fm12 2

9-parameters fetal monitoring standard screen

Pregnant woman blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, breathing, pulse, temperature, fetal heart rate, uterine contraction pressure, fetal movement.

fm12 3

Large font interface
Is convenient for long distance viewing and long time observation monitoring.


Download: Fetal Monitor VueSigns FM10 BMV Brochure


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