Smart Veterinary Swine-ovine Ultrasound

Early and independent diagnosis saves time and money. BMV's swine-ovine ultrasounds
are simple, yet very reliable and resistant,it will be suitable for harsh field conditions.
Suitable for Pregnancy checking, Backfat measuring, Muscle etc. In additional, Wireless
BestScan® S3 and BestScan® S4 , these obtain real-time ultrasound signals through
WIFI and reflects them on Android devices like smart phones or tablet PCs.




Smart Swine-Ovine Ultrasounds

FarmScan® M50

Pig-sheep-goat handheld ultrasound scanner systems,comes ...

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FarmScan® M30

Best selling,easily and handy!

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PT50A Vet

PT50A, fully-featured touch black & white ultrasound ...

FarmScan® L60 Convex

Larger Scan Angel,Clear image!

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BestScan® S3

Wireless ultrasound probe &pad, so easy! It through WIFI ...

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FarmScan® L70

This device can be used for swine, sheep, goat, cattle, ...


Electronic estrous detector

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Estrous detector for pigs

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