Smart Wireless ultrasound

SonoMaxx® (medical application) smart wireless ultrasound, are easy to learn
and use, affordable apps based ultrasound of multiple wavelengths for an amazing
array of medical applications. For example, nursing IV access, medic IV access
and FAST exams, primary care emergency medicine applications as well as 
primary care office applications such as ob-gyn, and musculoskeletal evaluations
to name just a few.


Wireless Medical Ultrasound

SonoMaxx® MX8

Handheld,pocket-sized color Doppler ultrasound.

SonoMaxx® MX6

Plug-in type wireless color Doppler ultrasound.

SonoMaxx® MX3

Plug-in type wireless ultrasound.


PT50C is the most lightweight hand-carried portable ...


Touch B/W portable ultrasound scanner system,comes equipped ...

SonoMaxx® MX300

Handheld visuallzation tool for primary healthcare, provide ...


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