15-inches comprehensive physical signs monitoring systems,suitable for ICU/CCU, operation room,postoperative observatory,emergency room, general ward, etc


BMO-310 can monitor vital signals as ECG, Respiratory Rate, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP and IBP. It integrates parameter measuring modules, display and recorder in one device, featuring in compactness, lightweight and portability

Suitable for ICU/CCU, Operation Room, Postoperative observatory, Emergency room, General ward, etc

  • 15" color TFT LCD scree n with multi channel waveforms display
  • Rechargeable high energy built in Li Battery
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, simplified menus and delicated functions keys
  • Easy connecting with central monitoring system 96 hours data storage
  • Suitable for adult, pediatrics and neonates
  • Monitors end-tidal C02 and inspired C02 accuracy at high respiration rates
  • Gas monitoring with cutting edge water filter tube

Comprehensive physical signs monitoring

  • High Acuity, more safe and stable
  • Elegant appearance , multi paramete rs, humanized operation system
  • Reliable quality to build classic products

Vital Signs Monitor

  • Durable probes connector with high quality
  • High quality Battery 2.5 hours Battery Life
  • Build in thermal printer
  • 3 level and visual alarming


bmo300 12



Data Storage - stable and fast

  • 400 groups NIBP measurements
  • 72hours Trend data and Trend graphs
  • 200 groups Alarm events reviewing
  • 12hours Wave forms reviewing
  • Arrhythmia analysis and drug dose calculation

Alarming - more safe and reliable

3 level Audible and visual alarming,
Dual alarm light for physiological and technical alarming


Standard Parameter:

Optional: 2-IBP. EtCO2. Touch screen. Build in thermal printer


Download: BMO 310 Comprehensive physical signs monitoring BMV Brochure


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