Ultrasound use in aesthetics is crucial for safe injections of filler

High frequency ultrasound can provide both qualitative and quantitative data in the whole arena of aesthetics and plastic surgery. Especially, facial vascular mapping has proven to improve the safety of hyaluronic acid filler treatments. Medical aesthetic practitioners looking to improve patient safety rely on the BMV MX9 L15 HD or MX7 L15 – the world’s ultra-high frequency ultrasound in a wireless scanner. Impress your patients with clear imaging of the skin, muscles, vessels, and fascia for safe, consistent outcomes.

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AI-Powered Enhanced Visualization for Optimal Imaging

Needle visualization is important for safety and success. Needle visualization is important for safe and successful ultrasound-guided surgery. MX9 handheld ultrasound software Enhanced Needle Visualization (ENV) provides improved ultrasound imaging of needles even at steep insertion angles.

  • The MX Scanners family of handheld ultrasound solutions –MX9 and MX7 enable clinicians to easily image patients at the point of care.
  • Perform facial mapping to avoid vascular occlusions
  • Measure dermal thickness prior to micro needling
  • Confirm filler placement and vessel flow after injections
  • Visualize your needle and nodules to dissolve fillers
  • Visualize vessels for reconstructive/cosmetic facial surgery

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high frequency ultrasound in wireless MX7 ultrasound

MX7 L15 HD

MX7 L15 HD

ultra-high frequency ultrasound in wireless MX7 ultrasound

MX9 L15 HD

MX9 L15 HD

ultra-high frequency ultrasound in wireless MX9 ultrasound

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