Battle With COVID-19

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To prevent the spread of new coronavirus and save more lives, we have joined the battle against COVID-19. BMV as a professional medical product manufacturer, our company and partners special produce and supply medical equipment and global supply infrared thermometer, pulse oximeter, patient monitor, latex gloves, isolation gowns, face mask, and other products. We guarantee high quality products and short delivery time. Welcome to inquire the price and purchase in bulk.

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Handheld non-contact infrared thermometer

Non-contact temperature measurement, 
menory function, larger digital screen, fever alarm, color backlight, CE/FDA/ROHS/ISO verified

Pulse Oximeter

Portable Patient Monitor

Face Recognition & Body Temperature Detection System (IN-C01-B)

Desktop Type(Size: 283*396mm)

Face Recognition & Body Temperature Detection System (IN-C01-C)

Standing Column Type A(Size: 283*958mm)

Face Recognition & Body Temperature Detection System (IN-C01-D)

Standing Column Type B(Size: 283*1460mm)

ECG Machine

Available: Single Ch/3 Ch/6 Ch/12 Channel

Wireless charger & Sterilization box

UV + ozone sterilization, compatible with 7.5W/10W fast wireless charging

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Portable Intelligent Monitoring

ECG monitoring, oximetry, temperature measurement, blood pressure measurement, pulse rate monitoring, respiratory monitoring, App available

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