BMO Series

BMO Series

Patient Monitor

Your Efficient assistant For Acute & Sub-acute Cares

bmo200a patient monitor
  • The 8 inches high resolution color TFT-LCD together with being lightweight and portable, BMO-200A can be a great choice for patient transport.
  • BMO-210 is updated by BMO-200B with beautiful appearance, advanced technology and 12 inches high resolution color TFT-LCD, it can meet most clinical requirements.
bmo-200b patient monitor
  • The 12 inches high resolution color TFT-LCD, BMO-200B is designed to benefit critical monitoring and anesthesia monitoring with optional large touch screen, BMO-200B is outstanding among others of its kind.
  • BMO-310 is meant to add splendors to the BMO Series portfolio and answer for the latest clinical requirements across the applications from general cares to anesthesia monitoring, while keeping connected to hospital systems in all divisions.
BMO-300 patient monitor
  • The BMO300 patient monitors are designed to meet your monitoring needs for a wide range of patients from adult to neonate in most clinical environments, from operating rooms to intensive care; from neonatal intensive care to coronary care units. High-resolution display and user-defined layouts provide the exceptional visibility and usability needed for all monitoring applications.


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