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The BMV Body Composition Analyzer is reliable, economical, and simple to use. It offers a non-invasive analysis which allows you to work more efficiently and precisely, while providing more to your patients.

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IN-F500A Body Composition Analyzer

IN-F500A Body Composition Analyzer

52 Multiple testing data: height, weight, BMI, tare, body fat percentage, body fat mass, body water content, body water content, muscle mass, skeletal muscle, protein rate, inorganic salt (bone salt), ex-fat mass, basal metabolic mass, body mass index (BMI), visceral fat class, body age, body composition score, standard weight, weight control, standard muscle, muscle control, fat control. Right-hand muscle mass, right-hand fat mass, left-hand muscle mass, left-hand fat mass, trunk muscle mass, trunk fat mass, right-foot muscle mass, right-foot fat mass, left-foot muscle mass, left-foot fat mass, and electrical impedance values of the whole body and limbs at multiple frequencies.

IN-F500B Body Composition Analyzer

IN-F500B Body Composition Analyzer

  • Human data model (body composition model)
  • DSM-BIA technology
  • Lot intelligent networking technology
  • AI deep learning and algorithm optimization technology
  • High-performance intelligent gateway technology
  • Face image identification technology
  • HDR data optimization acquisition technology
  • Multi-language selection, free switching between bilingual screens
IN-F500A Body Composition Analyzer


  • 12.1" color TFT LCD screen with multi channel waveforms display
  • Rechargeable high energy built in Li Battery
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, simplified menus and delicated functions keys
  • Easy connecting with central monitoring system 96 hours data storage
  • Suitable for adult, pediatrics and neonates
  • Monitors end-tidal C02 and inspired C02 accuracy at high respiration rates
  • Gas monitoring with cutting edge water filter tube

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