12-inch Multi-parameter patient monitor,suitable for ICU /CCU, Postoperative
observatory, Emergency room,General ward, etc!


This patient monitor could be used for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal. Support touch screen (optional)

Suitable for ICU/CCU, Postoperative observatory, Emergency room, General ward, etc.


  • 12.1'' color TFT LCD screen with multi-channel wave forms display
  • Have patented technology of blood pressure measurement
  • Anti-defibrillation, anti electric knife, ECG digital filtering
  • Super ECG anti-jamming capability
  • English and other 14 languages Operating System
  • Above 8000 Blood pressure storage and playback
  • Above 680 hour trend graph subsisting and playback
  • 200 set alarm event storage and playback
  • 12 hour wave line storage and playback
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, with both AC and DC
  • Can be connected to a central monitoring system, supports wired and wireless, system software support network upgrade
  • Having a drug concentration calculations, breathing oxygen picture, ST segment analysis, large character interface, ECG full lead showed, abnormal heart rate analysis
  • Detection parameters: ECG / heart rate, noninvasive blood pressure / pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, pulse, temperature


Our monitor could be used for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal.
Our monitor has bee n welcomed by the doctors because of its stabil ity in service re liability in operation and simplicity in maintenance . BMV Medical, win the reputation by providing high quality products.



Data Storage – stable and fast

  • 400 groups NIBP measurements
  • 72hours Trend data and Trend graphs
  • 200 groups Alarm events reviewing
  • 12hours Wave forms reviewing
  • Supporting for Arrhythmia analysis and drug dose calculation

Alarming – more safe and reliable

Dual alarm light for physiological and technical alarming
Max 8 wave form display simul taneously, max 6 leads ECG waveforms display


Standard parameters:

3/5-Lead ECG, Sp02, N IBP, RESP, 2-Temp, PR

Optional: EtC02, Touchscreen, Thermal Re corder

bmo210 vet config

Download: BMO 210A Patient Monitor BMV Brochure

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