15-inch multi-parameter patient monitor,suitable for icu /ccu, operation room,postoperative observatory,emergency room, general ward, etc!




  • 15" color TFT LCD screen with multi channel waveforms display
  • Rechargeable high energy built in Li-Battery
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, simplified menus and delicated functions keys
  • Easy connecting with central monitoring system 96 hours data storage
  • Suitable for adult, pediatrics and neonates
  • Monitors end-tidal C02 and inspired C02 accuracy at high respiration rates
  • Gas monitoring with cutting edge water filter tube

bmo300 image face

Comprehensive physical signs monitoring

  • High Acuity, more safe and stable
  • Elegant appearance , multi paramete rs, humanized operation system
  • Reliable quality to build classic products

Vital Signs Monitor

  • Durable probes connector with high quality
  • High quality Battery 2.5 hours Battery Life
  • Build in thermal printer
  • 3 level and visual alarming

Alarming - more safe and reliable

  • 3 level Audible and visual alarming,
  • Dual alarm light for physiological and technical alarming

bmo300 feature

Standard parameters:
3/5-Lead ECG, SpO2 , NIBP, RESP, 2-Temp, PR
Optional: EtCO2 , Touchscreen , Thermal Recorder ,WLAN accessory, Nellcor-SPO2 ,2-IBP .


Download: BMO300 Comprehensive physical signs monitoring BMV Brochure

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