FarmScan® L60 Convex

Larger Scan Angel,Clear image!

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High-End Customers Always Say “NO” to the ultrasound Systems with Mechanical Sector Probes, and Prefer to the Electronic Probes which has:

  • Superior Imaging Quality with 96 elements
  • More Wider Scan Angle
  • Longer Life-time
  • No need to do oil-injecting all the time
  • No possibility of the air-bubbles which affect image quality in Some Mechanical Probes
  • More comfortable for animals without motor-motion

 m50 application


  1. Pregnancy control to save money and feed cost.
  2. Roughly estimation: US$2000 feed cost can be saved for every 100 sows.
  3. Which means our scanner will pay for itself in less than half year, even if you have only 100 sows.


L60 convex   


  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Fetal Counting
  • Fetal Age
  • Fetal viability
  • Fetal gender
  • Ovarian structures
  • Evaluate stage of cycle


I-Scan® is ideal for BMV ultrasound machines. Every veterinarian deserve to own this. You can see the image in bright sunlight or dark situations when I-Scan® is worn on your head and allows you to see the ultrasound image in front of your eyes.


 The sure needs by Pig/Sheep/Goad industry:


 Pig-Sheep-Goat-SCAN L60Convex

Other Sector probe ultrasound systems 
 Scanning Mode  Electronic Probes  Mechanical Sector Probe
 Digital Channel  32  -
 Crystal Elements  96  One single element
 Scan Angle  160 degrees  90 degrees
 Video Goggles  Yes  No


Download: FarmScan L60 Convexfor Pig Sheep Goat fertility and reproduction work BMV Brochure

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l60 (8)
FarmScan® L60 Linear
Economic choice, quick diagnosis for cattle,camel,pig-sheep-goat animal pregnancy scanning!
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