Touch B/W portable ultrasound scanner system,comes equipped with a best-in-class combination of performance and affordability. Simple touch to save time!


PT50A, fully-featured touch black & white ultrasound system, comes equipped with a best-in-class combination of performance and affordability. Simple touch to save time, this simple operation helps enhance exam productivity and increase patient throughput, also minimize most of users learning curve. In additional, PT50A is the most lightweight hand-carried portable ultrasound with three probe ports, deliver superb image quality in many clinics, hospitals or practice settings across multiple examinations.


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Key Features:

  • 15 inch high resolution, wide-angle color LCD with 45 degree tilt functionality
  • Three transducer port is designed to meet the different clinical applications
  • Advanced imaging technology and superior image quality can provide fast and precise scans
  • Replaceable long life battery
  • Special-designed probe holder, no need for extra assistance
  • iBscan™ Quick Image Optimization
  • Annotation library for quick comment
  • iBstation™ Patient information management system
  • USB image transfer and software upgrade
  • Image clipboard for thumbnail view
  • The supported DICOM 3.0 can communicate with PACS system of the hospital seamlessly
  • Convenient Handle, Micro Probe Connector
  • Modular software, easy for upgrade, free lifetime upgrade to new versions

PT BPU transducer for med


Uses in Emerging Market

Primary Care

For primary care physicians, fully functional portable ultrasound helps a lot in quickly assessing, diagnosing, and determining treatment options for their patients at the point of care.

Primary Care

Critical Care

Ultrasound system has become a valuable tool for physicians working in critical care
environments to obtain immediate clinical information, improve patient safety, increase efficiency, and decrease complications.

Critical Care


For emergency, time is short, life is precious, BMV understand very specific needs of emergency physicians, Pad Touch(PT) Series offer overall body diagnosis, besides, its fast, high-quality imaging at the point of care saves lives, increases patient safety, and improves doctor efficiency.





PT50A Specification

Imaging Modes: B, M, 2B, B/M, 4B
Application scenarios: Emergency, Ward bedside, Anesthesia guidance, Outpatient clinics, Health checkup, Disaster preparedness, Remote ambulance, ICU / CCU, Intraoperative, Pain management, Epidemic to the countryside, Infectious cluster ambulance
Ultrasound platform: Based on Linux, stable performance, security data
Touch Screen: Fully resistive touch screen
Physical channels 16 channels
Transducer: 80 elements, 2-12Mhz
Transducer connector: 3 active, unique micro connector
Battery Working time: Continuous scan greater than 5 hours with 2 batteries, replaceable battery design
Technology Descriptions: Wide-angle imaging, Panoramic focusing technology, Rolling M technology, Cloud processing technology, Noise suppression, Image enhancement
Simplified Workflow: Zoom, iBscan™, DICOM3.0
Ergonomics: 15” high resolution LCD Monitor;Adjustable LCD view angle;Convenient cable &probe hook
Size& Net weight: Height: 402mm Width: 385mm Depth: 53mm, approx. 4.5 kg
Connection Port: WIFI, 2*USB, S-Video, HDMI
Optional: Trolley Cart, Needle-guided brackets, Transducer, Wheeled Transport case, DICOM 3.0, Video printer, Optional Warranty


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