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Can I Upgrade My System'S Software?

Yes. Your BMV ultrasound system and transducer software is upgraded by using an upgrade USB drive supplied by BMV.For the latest upgrades to your ultrasound system, contact your local BMV office or

What Is Bmv'S Warranty?

BMV are offering a two-year standard warranty on our systems and BMV-manufactured transducers. We are able to base this warranty because of the historic reliability and durability of our products

How Do I Obtain Repair Services?

If your system, transducers, or trolley stand requires repair services, contact us today. We can check the warranty status of your system, help troubleshoot problems, and arrange for repair services

What Makes Bmv'S Image Quality Unique?

Advanced imaging features provide striking contrast resolution and tissue differentiation, supporting complete diagnostic examinations and ultrasound-guided imaging procedures. Customized presets for

How Fast Does A Bmv System Boot Up?

In seconds. BMV hand-carried systems are ready to scan in 20 seconds from a cold start. It takes minutes for PC-based units.

Do You Also Offer Mountable Ultrasound?

Yes. BMV offers both mountable and hand-carried ultrasound systems. All of our systems, whether hand-carried or mountable, are all lightweight and very compact. You can quickly move from exam room to

How Long Should The Battery On My Ultrasound Last?

The battery on your ultrasound system should last up to 2 hours under ideal conditions and use.

Can I Leave My Ultrasound Machine Outside In The Cold?

While in use your ultrasound machine is built to stand up to extreme weather conditions, including those below 0° days. However, your ultrasound is a piece of electronic equipment and should be

How Quickly Can I Get A Part Or Accessory?

We have repair parts and accessories for your BMV's system available for overnight delivery, if necessary. Contact BMV Technical Support to place an order. For more details, see our dealer support

Matters That Require Attention When Using This Product

This product uses independent power source and grounding, and if it shares the power source with other electric systems, it may be restricted in obtaining images fit for diagnosis due to abnormal

The Product Stops Working After An Error Occurs.

If the product fails to work normally after an error message is displayed, turn off the S/W, and power off Windows and the control box. About 2-3 minutes later, boot the product in the reverse order

How Can I Get More Information about Sensors and Accessories?

Customers can call the main desk or they can email BMV at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? If it’s not answered below, please get in touch with us here. We’re happy to help.


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