Fetal Heart Rate Monitor BDP-10

Ultrasound Doppler Fetal Heart Rate Monitor BDP-10

  • Replaceable independent probe
  • Three optional counting modes
  • Black backlight, large font
  • Simple operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Intelligent algorithm
  • Accurate measurement
  • Clear voice

Low power output ultrasonic, using ultrasonic Doppler detection technology for accurate detection

Fetal heart changes, effectively reducing the impact on the fetus

Ultrasonic output power

less than 20mW

Effective launch area

up to 208m㎡

ABS material, Dustproof and waterproof

Smooth probe, wider contact surface

Probe can be replaced with 2.0M or 3.0M 2.0 MHz working frequency, sensitive measurement, power saving

Ultrasound Doppler fetal heart rate is a daily home monitoring device that obtains fetal heart movement information from the abdomen of pregnant women according to the Doppler principle (suitable for more than 12 weeks of pregnancy)


Normal fetal heart rate range 120-160 times/minute (Below or above this range, please consult a doctor in time to avoid intrauterine hypoxia.)

BMV Fetal heart rate Let you enjoy pregnancy Master fetal condition anytime, anywhere No need to line up for pregnancy tests, saving time


Model: BDP-10

Size: 135mm(L)*95mm(W)*35mm(H)

Machine weight:180g (With battery)

Battery type: two 1.5V batteries

Screen type: 45mm*25mm

LCD display Backlight: can be turned off or on

Power consumption: <1W

Continuous working time: >8 hours

Help the expectant mother to hear the fetal heart soundafter 12 weeks pregnancy.

Pleasant pregnancy is good to health of expectant mothers and babies Please conduct fetal heart rate monitoring reasonly according to the growth rule of the baby

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, Daily fetal heart rate changes are obvious in the following three stages It is recommended that pregnant mothers master the time period for measuring fetal heart rate: 

Within 30 minutes after lunch, within 30 minutes before going to bed, within 30 minutes after getting up

  • Clear sound, play inside and outside
  • Clear fetal heart sounds
  • Connect the headset to play fetal sound
  • Use the built-in speaker can play fetal sound outside
  • Independent probe, convenient choice
  • High sensitivity probe Independent design, easy to stretch and replace
  • Waterproof probe
  • Screen backlight, visible at night
  • Screen backlight design can be turned on or off
  • Large font showing fetal heart rate

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