History of Development


BMV acquires the specialty medical devices across medical and veterinary fields, intellectual property rights and know-how of medical devices products. The acquisition of the will allow BMV to move up the value chain and further strengthen its total solution offering to the markets by catering to the needs of the growing ‘special niche healthcare ’ markets.


Smart Medical device
BMV medical devices are a big success and results in increased turnover. This allows BMV to make the necessary investments to pick up with a new revolution in : smart ultrasound, smart home care products and patient monitor systems.


BMV established in Hongkong, China by Mr. David Rose. The company specializes in the manufacturing of medical device and veterinary ultrasound products , and we always value max our customer’s value. Hence the name, “Best choice of specialty medical ultrasound systems across Medical and Veterinary fields." or BMV.


Manufacturer of specialty medical devices across medical and veterinary fields since 2008.



4/F, Yinjin Building, Block 71, Baoan Centre District, Shenzhen, China




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