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3D color Doppler ultrasound or 4Dl color Doppler ultrasound?

BCU30 3d

What is 3D, 4D?

Like everyone's smart phones have the same camera and video functions, all the stereoscopic ultrasound system, both with 3D and 4D function at the same time. 3D refers to the static 3D imaging, 4D refers to the dynamic 3D imaging, the difference is only the operation of the doctor, press a different operation button. All stereoscopic imaging function of the ultrasound machine, both with these two functions. Ultrasonic machine has never been 3D color Doppler ultrasound or 4D color Doppler ultrasound machine such a division method, 3D and 4D functions are implemented on one machine. So, is the 3D machine or 4D machine this problem is not established.

3D and 4D which is more clear?

Whether it is 3D, or 4D, are both through the role of the computer, a composite image obtained by synthesizing a two-dimensional image.
The machine's two-dimensional image is clear determine the 3D and 4D clear or not. Dimensional image clarity depends on the resolution of the machine. All the ultrasound used to screen for malformations, two-dimensional resolution has reached 0.1 mm level, the resolution has been more than ultrasound doctor's needs, so clear imaging is not a problem, just as you buy a car, no one concerned about the maximum speed of the car can be achieved, because the current speed of each car has been more than the user's needs. Thus, the 3D, 4D which is more clear is no longer an important issue.

What does 3D and 4D can do?

For prospective parents, intuitive to see the fetus's face, see the fetus in the palace of the activities is most exciting thing,this is important for fostering parenting. This requires the use of three-dimensional imaging which inside the three-dimensional surface imaging function and real-time three-dimensional surface imaging (That is, four-dimensional surface imaging function),ordinary people can understand only the two function.In addition to these two, for the ultrasound doctor, the application of three-dimensional STIC imaging function to see the difficult fetal heart deformity, three-dimensional reverse imaging function to see complex skeletal malformations, with three-dimensional staining model to see the pelvic floor structure, and so on, Only professionals can understand these things. Therefore, there are many aspects of the three-dimensional and four-dimensional functions, non-professionals can not read, most of the cases are used in difficult cases, ultrasound doctors usually the most commonly used two-dimensional function.

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