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Are there any communication barriers between dogs born in different countries?

Dog say dog language
Unlike humans, there are hundreds of languages, dogs from different regions say that the unified "dog language", although grown in different language countries, but they can understand each other.

The exchange between dogs is not limited to "barking" calls, in fact, "barking" is only a very small part of the language they use to communicate. The dog's communication begins with the smell, then the body language, and finally the sound we hear.

Dogs through the body language to communicate with each other's social status, through the smell to determine each other's gender, age, just eat what, health status, only to where, marriage (?) And so on. Holmes only have the ability to observe the various details of the analysis, almost every dog has. When people talk about blind date, to sit down and talk for a while to break off the other side of the clear, and the dog met with a nose on the smell of the door ... ...

What is the dog in the call?
Like the cat, the dog's "bark" is also domesticated after the emergence of more is used to communicate with humans. There is no domesticated dog close relatives: wolves, they are more through howling to spread the signal, call companions. Like cat do not "cat woo ~" exchange, wolves do not have "bark" exchange.

However, the smart dog found that humans simply can not understand their delicate and delicate body language and smell molecules, but the "bark" cry is very good to make. Long down, the dog put the "bark" also into their own language system.

According to the perennial commitment to the relationship between people and the dog psychology professor S it nley Coren article, dogs from different countries can understand each other's calls, although different varieties of dogs will be a little their own "dialect." But by adjusting the "bark" tone, frequency and duration, between them still can understand each other to express the content.

Under normal circumstances, the low voice on behalf of the warning, high-profile voice on behalf of friendly. Regardless of the size of the dog, they all know that by reducing the roar of the tone can be achieved so that another dog think their body size is relatively large effect. Similarly, even a large dog, will be through the spoiled hum said his friendly.

Why do humans worry about dog communication?
Because there are barriers to language communication between humans from different countries, we naturally curious about whether the dog is also a similar obstacle. In fact, the "bark" in our ear is "woof-woof" in the ear of English speakers, "how-how" in the ear of the Arabic user

So, we will feel different dogs in different countries will be different, because we rely on their own language and culture to understand the sound of hearing, because the pronunciation of different habits, resulting in the same voice in different languages different Sound method.

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