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Is ultrasound and B-mode ultrasound the same thing?

B-mode ultrasound is the method of ultrasonic inspection. It is short for type B ultrasound. In addition, there are also A-type ultrasonic. Now, it is more advanced in 3D ultrasound.

But ultrasonic wave is not only used in the examination, clinically already had the ultrasonic knife, the application in the operation incision, and the tumor focus burning, etc.

So ultrasound and B-mode ultrasound can't say exactly the same thing!

B-mode ultrasound and color ultrasound as the diagnosis of gallbladder and kidney stones are one of the better tools at present.

Ultrasound is an economical, practical, repeatable and non-destructive inspection method. Because of the different density of tissues, different tissues have different acoustic impedance. When the incident ultrasonic into two adjacent tissues or organs, acoustic impedance difference will occur and when this difference is > 0.1, through the border of the two groups on the surface of the ultrasonic reflection and refraction occurs. Thus, when sound waves pass through, the acoustic interface is formed between the two tissues, and different tissues show different echoes. According to the different echo-ultrasonography, certain tendons, ligaments, articular cartilage and some bone lesions can be detected, which are important auxiliary means for the diagnosis of orthopaedic disorders.

Especially in obstetric got unprecedented development, the application of it to assess whether fetal structural abnormalities, multiple pregnancy, fetal size and state such as pregnant period is of great significance, obstetric ultrasound with painless, noninvasive, rapid is famous in the world three big advantage.

In clinic, it is widely used in the diagnosis of cardiology, digestive medicine, urology and obstetrics and gynecology.


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