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Dog anus clean is very important

Anal gland health precautions

1. Must be checked regularly

The owner must regularly check the dog's anal gland with or without liquid, how long to clean up depends on the frequency of the accumulation of different dogs, Some once a month and some three months, there is no need to clean up, and small dogs than large dogs are easier to block.

2. The anal gland is the identity

Many of the owners hate the dog's anus glands because of stench, but in fact the anal gland is useful, the dog is used to mark the territory, indicating that the identity of a very important role, these fluids pass their gender age And status and other information.

3. Observe the dog status

Some dogs are raised obese, it is easy to have anorectal enlargement of the situation, if the dog often squat sitting on the ground, with the front foot forward to friction ass or always want to bite, etc., that is may be the problem of the anus gland , We need special attention.

4. Excretion reflects health

Dogs excrement can reflect health status. In general, the dog will excrete two to three times a day, if you find the stool is very thin, and the color redness, check the dog anus there is no dirty things.

Dog anal gland inflammation symptoms

1. Performance listless

Dog performance for the listless, refused to eat or constipation, and even suddenly lick bite, that's because the buttocks are not clean secretions, and taste unpleasant, slightly inflammatory symptoms near the anus and so on.

2. There are abnormal secretions

The dog's common disease, the anal gland is located in the position of the anal skin and mucous membrane, and the opening is outward. Careful owner may be observed in the dog's anus when contraction there are two small tip of the small eyes, there is a trace of gray-brown secretions gush.

3. Produce diarrhea constipation

Serious illness, but also cause dogs with diarrhea and constipation symptoms, need to be timely to the animal hospital to do professional treatment. As the owner should do is to prevent, daily health care and early detection, to prevent further deterioration.

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