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How many B-ultrasound can be done in early pregnancy?

It is of great significance for pregnant women to do a b-ultrasound scanning, which can help you to diagnose the normal growth and development of the baby and whether it is abnormal, whether the placenta is suitable for natural birth and other questions. But not do b-ultrasound to exceed the more the better, ultrasound is a kind of physical factors, a kind of energy, in the early pregnant, if pregnant woman too much times to do b-ultrasound, is likely to affect the fetus, usually during pregnancy do b-ultrasound not more than four times.

It's enough to suggest only one b-ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy. The specific time is after 8 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant woman besides the routine examination of gynaecology, should pass through b-ultrasound to determine whether the pregnancy is normal in utero, the abnormal condition such as pregnancy, double foetus, mole is excluded.


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