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How to prevent dog heat stroke in hot summer arrival

How the dog is cooling

1. The use of tongue perspiration

In the hot and humid environment, if the dog is too late to heat through the tongue, then the body of the backlog of hot air will cause heat stroke, because most of the dogs are sweat through the tongue to spread the heat, only a very small number of dogs will pass Pores to heat sweating.How the dog is cooling

2. The owner neglected care

Automatic cooling sweat this is not good for the dog, it is very difficult to avoid feeding mainly about being with a dog at noon to four in the afternoon to go out for a walk, because this time is the most vulnerable to heat stroke peak hours. Dogs in high temperature and non-ventilated environment, there will be heat stroke situation.


How to effectively prevent dog heat stroke

1. Sufficient water supplement

To ensure that the dog can always add enough water, when the water is very easy to cause a lot of problems, the owner do not forget to go out often give pets water.

2. Do not leave it in car alone

There have been very many cases, the dog alone to stay in the car caused by the regret of the event! Please the host who really do not make such a behavior, very dangerous, serious may not only heat stroke.

3. To reduce the intense movement

To avoid the dog in the high temperature, hot weather to do strenuous exercise, but also need to reduce their exercise, to be enough, so that dogs have time to breathe, and after the exercise to add enough water, pay attention to the temperature of water can not Too low, otherwise it may lead to sudden death of dogs.

4. Properly trim the hair

Regularly help them repair the coat, too many messy hair will also affect the body temperature, but pay attention to the trimming of many skills, as well as the length, etc., not all shaved light like, but there are disadvantages! Moderate on it.

5. Do not bake it in the sun

To avoid the dog in a direct sunlight, even if only a short time, because it will not only burn dog dog skin, but also let the dog can not adjust their own to cool themselves.

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