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How to scientifically shave for dogs?

Hot summer, dogs are more likely to heat stroke than we humans, and regardless of spring and summer autumn and winter, dogs are need to shave, but to help dog shaving is also necessary to take into account the dog's self-esteem! So what needs to shave a dog needs attention.

What need not help dog shaving

1. hot summer weather

Some areas are hot and humid in summer, shaved dogs become ventilated and breathable, not easy to produce skin diseases such as eczema, fungal infection and other issues. Do not shave the hair can be anti-UV, so that because too much UV, easily lead to dog heat or heat stroke.

Shaving and repairing are different

The hair shaved light left the skin, like being stripped clothes, the dog will be ashamed to see the dog's psychological depression, the dog's bottom of the fine hair for the skin or a protective effect, so you can take for dog repair instead shaved.

2. What is the role of hair

We are in the sun under the sun need to rub sunscreen to prevent sunburn, dogs are the same as people ,in the sun will also cause damage; and dog hair can protect the dog's function is to make the dog in the sun Running and playing, is not easy to be sunburned.


Dogs need to pay attention to shaving

1. Do not laugh at the dog

This is the most important. Shaving the hair of the dog looks like the usual fun, but absolutely can not laugh. Dogs can feel your laughter in the end what is the meaning, so even if it is unintentional joke can not.

2. After the shaving please appreciate its beautiful

In the shaving of the past few days, as much as possible to hold the shaved dog. If more than one dog at home, only one shaved hair, it is more to hold the shaved dog, and comfort it, boast it beautiful.

3. Spread thin towel to sleep

In the home on the floor or the dog habitually sleeping place covered with thin towels, because just shaved hair dog will not be used to sleep directly on the floor. Especially in the winter, but also pay attention to dog warm.

4. Keep the living environment

Just shaved the hair of the dog because of the loss of coat protection, so the skin is very sensitive, easy to infect all kinds of viruses, so be sure to do home health and environmental clean.

5. Do not make a dog joke

Some masters feel that the dog just shaved off the hair is particularly cute, will ask friends to see, but this situation is best to avoid, casual joke will hurt the dog's self-esteem.


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