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How to train a dog?

The basic elements of training dogs

1. Gestures and slogans

The Instruction issued method and the action is best to keep the same, so that the dog to the sound and action to link up, so the dog will not engage in confusion, the instruction the most Good is the more simple and clear the better, add some fixed posture, enhance the impression of the dog link.

2. Necessary rope training

The rope is a must-have for the dog, whether it is a well-behaved dog, take a walk on the road, the road situation is ever-changing, Inevitably not be dangerous and frightened, rampage, leading to their own or others injured, and scared away, are unpredictable.

3. Rewards are very important

Rewards do not need to be very troublesome, it is likely to touch their heads or give a small snack, let them know that they have done the right thing, over time, they will remember to link up, will know what things can be done, and what can not.

The principle of attitude of the master when training

1. Reward and punishment

When training, the dog if do wrong, can not hit it or fierce it, but to use a severe tone to stop it or correct it, if this time hit it will make the dog fear of training. Otherwise if the dog is done, of course, do not hesitate to encourage and encourage.

2. Eyes exchanged with each other

In communication with the dog, in addition to the use of language and gestures, there is also a very important, that is, eye contact. When we are in contact with the dog's eyesight, we treat it with kindness and tenderness. And with some touch, this move can enhance the feelings with the dog.

3. The tone of the training

In the training of dogs, the instruction must be as short as possible, such as "sitting", "stop" and so on, tone to have the urgency of the difference; the best situation is to bring a gesture, this way to deepen the dog's impression The

4. Can not be too hasty

In the beginning of training, must be patient, because the beginning of the dog will be difficult to concentrate. The training process should be carried out slowly, can not be too hasty. And in the dog when the performance is good to give incentives to avoid the use of curse the way.

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