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Is the N95 mask suitable for everyone?

The new coronavirus outbreak made masks a necessity, and many people forced their heads to buy N95 masks.

In fact, it is best to choose a mask that suits you. For healthy normal people, wearing ordinary application masks can meet their needs.

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Do I have to wear a N95 mask in the new coronavirus outbreak environment?

The material of N95 mask is suitable for filtering non-oily particles, such as cement dust, smoke dust, coal dust and microorganisms. When the protective ability of N95 masks is improved, it also increases breathing resistance, and is also strictly air-tight protective equipment. Regardless of whether you choose N95 masks or ordinary medical masks, the protective function can be achieved, because the droplet diameter of pathogenic microorganisms exceeds 5 microns, as long as they pass the national certification, pass the quality and use the mask correctly.

Ordinary medical masks and medical surgical masks have low breathing resistance and can meet the needs of most people in public places.

If you choose protective masks, you need to pay attention to kN95 masks and N95 masks, which have two types of breathing valve and no breathing valve. The protective mask of the one-way breathing valve has small breathing resistance and can quickly discharge the hot and humid air in the mask, which has a very good comfort. But for the infected people, the pathogenic microorganisms will still be exhaled, posing a threat to the body. People with symptoms of respiratory tract infection, such as sore throat, runny nose, cough or fever, should not wear such masks. The new coronavirus is mainly spread through contact and respiratory droplets. In fact, in a ventilated field or open outdoor, you can consider not using a mask. It is necessary to grasp the correct method of using masks. Repeated use of contaminated masks, failure to pay attention to hand hygiene, and the use of appropriate airtight masks will increase the risk of infection.

Who is not suitable for wearing N95 masks?

1. People who have not passed the air tightness test of masks

Before wearing N95 standard protective mask, air tightness test is required. If the requirements are not met, the protective masks have no protective effect. N95 masks are disposable products. If you have respiratory diseases, such as asthma or emphysema, you should consult a doctor first.

2. People with abnormal health and cardiovascular disease

Without masks, people who already have difficulty breathing or have persistent breathing difficulties cannot wear N95 masks. Suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease or myocardial ischemia, poor breathing and hypoxia can cause insufficient myocardial blood supply, leading to fainting or chest pain.

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