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PT50 launch event: an afternoon full of magic

An ideal choice for fully-featured touch black & white ultrasound system, PT50 comes equipped with a best-in-class combination of performance and affordability. With a new platform based on powerful processor, PT50A is new generation of portable B/W ultrasound systems and PT50C is a Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound System, they come equipped with high performance and low cost, providing you with high-quality images, affordability and mobility. 


In addition to increased processing power, enhanced imaging performance and higher frame rate, the Pad Touch(PT Series) System includes these advanced features:

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  • Hi-Hi-RRes 15'' es 15'' LLCD CD ccapacitivapacitive fule full tl touch-ouch-scrscreeneen monitmonitoror
  • SimplifieSimplified wd workorkfloflow with fw with focusocuseed diad diagnosisgnosis
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  • AdvAdvanced simpleanced simple user in user intterferfaceace perf performanceormance
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  • ConConvvenienenient Handlt Handlee, Micr, Micro Pro Probe Conneobe Connectctoror
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PT application


The Practical Solution

The new simplicity of ultrasound. All-touch control panel to offer a new degree of intuitive operation.

PT50c 02


The effective utilization of a wide Dynamict Range, in combination with sophisticated image processing features like Wide Dynamic Range,Multi Beam Processing ensures
consistent high resolution images with the Pad Touch(PT) Series.

  • Wide-angle imaging
  • Panoramic focusing technology
  • Frequency composite
  • Space compound
  • Real-time Dynamic Aperture
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging


BMV's advanced features such as cloud processing technology , capacitive touch-screen, ensure easy detection upholding diagnostic confidence.

  • Simple workflow
  • Cloud processing technology
  • Capacitive touch-screen
  • Language: English,Russian,Spanish,Italian, and more


Advanced recognition software and patented supper Patient Data Management allows the PT Series to optimize the workflow with the simple push of a button.

  • HDMI port
  • 3 active transducer connector ports
  • Application package: Abdomen, Small parts, Vascular,Obstetrics, Gynecology, Cardiology, Anesthesia
  • Quick diagnosis report can help providers make critical decisions more easily.


Sophisticated Technologies Meet Ease of Use and Performance

Digital Broadband Beamforming

Digital Broadband Beamforming

Broadband beamforming uses the full range of ultrasound frequencies to capture the entire tissue signature information, preserving the quantity and quality of data through capture and preservation of the entire bandwidth of ultrasound signals.

Pulse Inversion THI

Pulse Inversion THI

Utilizing pulse inversion technologies to enhance
high-resolution harmonic signals, PT series provides increased contract and axial resolution, clearer bondaries and better visualization of structures.

I Harmonic Clear


Gain improved image quality based on auto structure detection.

B Beam Transducer

B-Beam Transducer

Permits use of multiple scanned angles to form a single image, resulting in enhanced contrast resolution and improved visualization.





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