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What are the functional parameters of the multi-parameter monitor

Patient monitor is hospital practical precision medical instruments, can at the same time dynamic practical precision medical instruments monitoring the patient's ecg graphics, respiration, body temperature, blood pressure (points, noninvasive and invasive), oxygen saturation and pulse frequency physiological parameters. 24 hours continuous monitoring the patient's physiological parameters, check out the change trend, points out that the emergency situation, for the basis of the emergency response and medical treatment, the complications to a minimum, alleviate and eliminate the disease.

The six parameters of the patient monitor are electrocardio, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, pulse, temperature. In addition, the optional parameters include: invasive blood pressure, terminal respiratory carbon dioxide, respiratory mechanics, anesthetic gas, cardiac output (invasive and non-invasive), eeg, and so on.

Clinical application of the patient monitor: surgery, post-operation, trauma care, coronary heart disease, critically ill patients, newborn, premature infant, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, delivery room, etc.

Patient monitor function:

1. The device or system that can be compared with the known set value, it can issue an alarm if the set value is exceeded.

2. The patient monitor instrument is different from the monitoring diagnostic instrument, and the purpose of the patient monitor is to measure and monitor the physiological parameters, as well as to monitor and process the medication and the conditions before and after the operation.

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