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When to be done test-tube baby ultrasound?

In order to ensure that all "test-tube moms" are on time for an ultrasound examination during pregnancy.


First time: 6-8 weeks pregnant

The main purpose of this period of ultrasound examination is to determine whether pregnancy, doctors can observe the size of the gestational sac, presence of germ and heart beat, so as to determine whether pregnant, and check the gestational age, eliminate ectopic pregnancy and unexpected circumstances such as embryonic development stops.

For expectant mothers who had implanted two embryos, this period could be determined by looking at the number of pregnancy capsules that could be defined as a single or twin, and a preliminary determination of the relationship between the two fetuses.


Second time: 10 weeks of pregnancy

To 10 weeks pregnant, the outline of the fetus has gradually emerged, and this time, the ultrasonic examination mainly measures the length of the top of the embryo, so as to determine whether the embryo development is consistent with the gestational week.

For twins, in less than 7 gestational age at diagnosis of twins are identical twins, or fraternal twins, to 10 gestational age, also can be judged in a pregnant bursa two fetus is to use a placenta or two of the placenta.If the fetus is developing normally, the expectant mother who is still in the luteal support drug can gradually reduce the drug.


Third time: pregnant 11-13 + 6 weeks

This time, the baby has produced humanoid, head, torso and limbs can tell, although under the ultrasound fetal movements can be observed, but mothers usually during this period tehy cannot perceive quickened.

During this period, ultrasonography has an important project - the thickness of the skin of the fetal neck skin (NT), and the results of early tang screening can determine whether the fetus has a chromosomal abnormality.Is it possible that the mothers are hearing the most?

According to the research data, the detection rate of the fetus is up to 80% in combination with the results of NT combined with tang's screening. The NT check is cheap and convenient, it is recommended to expectant mothers to check on time.


The fourth time: 18-24 weeks

It was the most comprehensive ultrasound examination of the entire pregnancy.In order to improve the detection rate of the lesions, the hospital is basically using the higher resolution 3d or 4D color ultrasound to carry out the system ultrasonic examination.The check is the most important purpose is to observe whether fetal body each system structure is misshapen, mainly including intracranial structures, face, heart, stomach, kidney, bladder, crest column, limbs, etc., if the condition is good, can also establish a baby face 3D images.


The fifth time: 28-32 weeks

Congratulations to mothers-to-be who have been screened during pregnancy. The fetal situation has been basically stable at this time, and an ultrasound will be performed at around seven months.

This check is to assess the growth and development of fetus, mentioned above, Eliminate deformity check also cannot guarantee 100% screening fetal abnormalities, through further ultrasound examination, can do a check system structure on the fetus malformation as 20 screening and screening of some late pregnancy of abnormality.


Sixth time: after 38 weeks of pregnancy

The primary purpose of ultrasound after full moon is to determine the fetal position, evaluate the growth indicators of the fetus, predict the weight of the fetus, and help doctors determine whether it is a cesarean or a vaginal birth.It can also obtain the blood flow of the umbilical cord blood and the vital organ in the fetus, and indirectly understand the function of the placenta. If the problem is found, it can be processed in a timely manner.


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