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BMV Ultrasonographic Imaging technology:noninvasive powerful tool for early pregnancy diagnosis

Early detection of embryo plays an important role in camel


From Mar.24th. to 25th. 2021,in order to better care for animals and benefit mankind, extensively disseminate and develop animal laparoscopic techniques. BMV Technology Co., Ltd. held a two-day 2021


      Recently, BMV Medical's new product S10 won the World's most authoritative industrial design award Red Design Award (Red Dot Award) Best of the Best (Best Design Award). As an "Oscar" in the


SCAU(South China Agricultural University) Presidents Yahong Liu visited our headquarters last December 19th.  Agility is the developing trend of enterprise in the future, since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, at


MX10 usg

Handheld ultrasound imaging MX10 @ virtual.MEDICA 2020

Handheld ultrasound imaging MX10 is designed to provide a wide range of clinical applications such


Due to improvements in performance and increasing availability, Signify Research recently reported in its Ultrasound Equipment World Report that the ultraportable ultrasound


Pregnant women over 35 face a dilemma if they opt for prenatal genetic testing. If they decide to go for an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling to see if their fetus has any chromosomal abnormalities, they risk having


Of the 1.5 billion women worldwide who are eligible for breast cancer screening, less than 5 percent of them actually receive these critical services.

BMV's Latest Innovations Shine at the 2020 CMEF Shanghai

BMV stole the show with its latest innovations at the 2020 China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) held Oct.19-22 at the National Exhibition and


BMV Medical Action for Covid-19--BMV'sLatest

Innovations Shine at the 2020 CMEF Shanghai

BMV has officially released its new premium MX10 wireless pocket color



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