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Welcome to visit us in #Arab Health 2020 ! I am very happy to meet you there.

You will see our new smart wired/wireless color Doppler soon.


Whether you’re buying for the first time or upgrading your existing ultrasound system, here’s how to make an investment that best fits your clinics needs.

Veterinarians use many modes of imaging:


6mm 7715 Med 主图In October 24th,2018, BMV launches BPU60 Hand-Carried Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound System.

Based on the advanced imaging


Jan. 15, 2018 – BMV announced the release of MX5 portable ultrasound system. It comprises a set of handheld ultrasound transducers that connect via USB to a compatible Android smart device, such as a smartphone or


BMV press release:

Today ultrasound is ‘must have’ for every practice.

It ’s obvious that veterinary practices must thoroughly evaluate exactly what equipment their practice needs.

J.N. Olsen, DVM


BMV participated in Eurotier 2018 — the largest animal husbandry professional exhibition in Europe — with its star products from November 13th to 16th, in Hanover, German.

This year, the new


BMV press release: David Luo, CEO, BMV Technology Co., Limited

BMV is pleased to announce it will be participating in the 2018 EuroTier. Serving the agro vet sector for 10 years, BMV manufactures ultrasound for


Diagnostic Ultrasound has an important role in the prediction of backfat depth of live pigs, mainly for the purpose of selecting animals for leaner pork production. In order to achieve efficient lean pig production, the


The BMV S3 is a handheld Android APP based veterinary Ultrasound scanner. Real-time

The diagnostic image is transferred to any Android Tablet or Smartphone via Wi-Fi (we highly recommend our rugged tablet with



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