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With the increasing population of the world, the aging problem is becoming increasingly serious, the worldwide demand for medical diagnosis and nursing equipment continues to rise, especially for CT, MRI, high-end ultrasonic diagnostic equipment and other high quality medical electronic products Rapid growth, a strong driving the expansion of the global medical electronics market. However, most of the current medical equipment is more cumbersome, and expensive, energy consumption is huge, not well meet the needs of health care workers. As a result, the demand for medical equipment markets for small form factor, high energy efficiency and cost-effective medical diagnostic equipment is particularly urgent.

Ultrasonic system design challenges

The portable ultrasound system is a standing medical device for hospitals, clinics, ambulances and ambulances in remote areas. As a widely used market for portable medical devices, portable ultrasound systems are also faced with a miniaturized, low-power design challenge that users expect to maintain acceptable image quality while meeting portable size and runtime requirements. This requires designers to minimize energy consumption, but at the same time must ensure that the battery runs from time to time to provide adequate power supply to ensure that the image resolution to ensure that the equipment in the field operation can also play excellent performance.

BMO-210A Patient Monitor

Suitable for ICU/CCU, Postoperative observatory, Emergency room, General ward, etc


  • 12.1'' color TFT LCD screen with multi-channel wave forms display
  • Have patented technology of blood pressure measurement Anti-defibrillation, anti electric knife, ECG digital filtering Super ECG anti-jamming capability
  • English and other 14 languages Operating System
  • Above 8000 Blood pressure storage and playback
  • Above 680 hour trend graph subsisting and playback
  • 200 set alarm event storage and playback
  • 12 hour wave line storage and playback
  • Built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, with both AC and DC
  • Can be connected to a central monitoring system, supports wired and wireless, system software support network upgrade
  • Having a drug concentration calculations, breathing oxygen picture, ST segment analysis, large character interface, ECG full lead showed, abnormal heart rate analysis
  • Detection parameters: ECG / heart rate, noninvasive blood pressure / pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiration, pulse, temperature


The BMV BCU-60 has the patented unique features, such as Halo PW, Auto Doppler positioning, and our best in class 20 MHz probe. With our industry leading technologies, BCU-60 is able to bring exceptional operating experience like never before. Our uncompromising dedication to quality extends to our tailored cart and travel case. The BMV BCU-60, the best choice you can ever make.

Broad Set of Transducers

Including our 20 MHz linear probe, the BCU-60 system supports all examinations. Additional, BMV, offers the specific central line mark on the probe to assist any out-plane biopsy.

As a leading portable medical manufacturer of imaging diagnostic, we committee to mobile medical solutions that integrated with echography, patient monitoring, ECG and etc., overall program outlet for international medical fields. Due to perfect management, high quality performance products, unique designed concept, and gold service to all clients, BMV importantly care about overall medical solutions offer to medical group, hospitals, clinics, and combined with professional experts clinical diagnostic experience, we admire to optimize each medical engineering and program, which ensure the medical diagnostic satisfy and meet different clinical needs.


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