Cardiology diagnostic incorporates with ECG examination, heart function, heart blood pool imaging, Cardiac catheterization and etc., which plays a very important role in ultrasonic clinical performance.

Doppler ultrasound with C/W function is the only instrument that can visually show valvular disease, through the color Doppler ultrasound measurement, the doctor can understand the degree of valvular disease to determine the conservative treatment or surgical treatment. In recent years, the incidence of gradual increase in the disease, myocardial thickening, cardiac enlargement should rely on color Doppler to judge; on coronary heart disease, color ultrasound can visually show the movement of the myocardium and cardiac function, to the clinician Blood parts ... ... almost all of the heart disease can be diagnosed with color Doppler ultrasound.


The BMV BCU-60 has the patented unique features, such as Halo PW, Auto Doppler positioning, and our best in class 20 MHz probe. With our industry leading technologies, BCU-60 is able to bring exceptional operating experience like never before. Our uncompromising dedication to quality extends to our tailored cart and travel case. The BMV BCU-60, the best choice you can ever make.

Broad Set of Transducers

Including our 20 MHz linear probe, the BCU-60 system supports all examinations. Additional, BMV, offers the specific central line mark on the probe to assist any out-plane biopsy.


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