Primary Care

For primary care physicians, fully functional portable ultrasound helps a lot in quickly assessing, diagnosing, and determining treatment options for their patients at the point of care.

BMV has worked closely with primary care physicians to develop imaging solutions to meet the rapidly-expanding clinical requirements in their practices, Pad Touch(PT) Series can be used to quickly assess structures, such as the abdomen, aorta, kidneys, gallbladder, thyroid and soft tissue in the office environment.


Tough&Touch B/W Portable Ultrasounds

An ideal choice for fully-featured touch black & white ultrasound system, PT50A comes equipped with a best-in-class combination of performance and affordability. With a new platform based on Intel’s powerful processor, PT50A is new generation of portable B/W ultrasound systems equipped with latest imaging technologies and convenient workflow options, simple touch, save time!


Touch Color Doppler Ultrasound System

An entry-level fully-featured touch Color Doppler system, PT50C comes equipped with high performance and low cost, providing you with high-quality images, affordability and mobility. It can be used in many clinics, hospitals or practice settings across multiple examinations.


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