Ultrasound Guidance for regional Anesthesia

Forward-thinking anesthesiologists recognize the advantages of using ultrasound guidance to help increase efficiency, patient satisfaction, and decrease complications during procedures requiring needle placements.
In fact, there is rapidly growing demand for using ultrasound guidance in regional Anesthesia.
Through ultrasound technology, an anesthesiologist can visualize the needle in real time , injections have a greater chance of hitting their mark with fewer complications. This contributes to increased precision and efficiency during procedures such as steep angle injections, nerve blocks (upper extremity blocks, neuraxial blocks, femoral nerve blocks, brachial plexus blocks, regional pain blocks), and epidurals.

PT60 is designed specifically for guidance in regional anesthesia procedures:

1. PT60 can be mounted on a stand for dependable accessibility;
2. its lean, simplified controls are suitable for single-hand operation;
3. 15 inches Touch LED display screen;
4. waterproof and dustproof silicone keyboard;(optional)
5. dual transducer connectors realize fluidly switch from one transducer to another;
6. Advanced needle visualization technology helps to assure the accuracy of ultrasound-guided injections, BMV uses a dedicated signal path with highly steered ultrasound beams and patent-pending algorithms that automatically identify and extract the needle information from that of surrounding tissue;
7. Real time needle guidance technology combines ultrasound with advanced magnetics to provide real-time information about the needle-tip location during placement of central lines.


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