MX300 Series

The MX series ultrasound system permits early diagnostic assessment in the emergent situation and
demonstrates slgnl flcat potentlal in the prehospital environment.It could help to look for free fluid and
ensure that major trauma patlents made it into surgery faster, with more information on their injuries
available sooner.

The system enables midwives limited ultrasound training to quickly learn to operate and to effectively
diagnose high risk obstetrical conditions such as multiple gestations, breech presentation, and placenta
Previa. The indigenous midwives can use it to diagnose potential complications and subsequently refer
women with high risk conditions to appropriate medical facilities for delivery.

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MX300 Advanced Handheld Touch Ultrasound System
  • Delivers large-scale functionality and greater diagnostic confidence in professional and fast imaging of diagnosis examination.
  • Interface and menu structure have been designed to guide the user through their task with operation quickly and becoming second nature;
  • Support ultrasound station for store images and video then transfer them to your computer;
  • Software & Automatic Report for liver, GB, spleen, kidney, pancreas, heart, bladder, uterus diagnosing
MX200 Handheld Touch B/W Ultrasound System
  • Superior image quality
  • 7" high resolution, antiglare touchscreen
  • Simplified workflow with focused exams
  • Built-in 3+ hour battery
  • Image export via USB/SD supported
mx3 ultrasound
  • Price/Performance

  • Equivalent to more expensive machines

  • Meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it's needed

  • Incredible image quality

  • Center line marker

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