MX5 Go Plus Doppler ultrasound

mx5 go

MX5 Go Plus Pocket Ultrasound System

MX5 Go series is App-based mobile ultrasound, it can be easily diagnosed by connecting the transducer to a compatible smart mobile device via USB Type-C.

Our MX5 Go series of ultrasound scanner has been successfully widely used in the medical and veterinary field. With BMV's rich product design experience and mature ultrasound imaging technology, the use function of MX5 scanner is almost close to GE Vscan Extend, Philips Lumify and Butterfly iQ. In addition, MX5 is a very high cost-effective portable ultrasound machine with high quality and low price advantages.

  • Pre-registered Android, Windows Software
  • Ibcear: Smooth Uniform Tissues
  • S-crystal technology: broadband frequency response and higher sensitivity
  • USB‐C transducer with a replaceable cable

MX5 Go plus ultrasound scanner series realizes the benefits of workflow efficiency while providing superior imaging for rapid bedside patient assessment.

MX5 portable ultrasound with small, compact design, puts the power to diagnose, ease of operation, slim go capability, touch-screen gesture, and simplified intuitive workflow. The MX5 helps you get fast information, accurate diagnosis and fast action, applied for focused applications of acute care, internal medicine, musculoskeletal and office practice.

MX5 Go plus series provide a variety of Transducers, view details >>

Convex array probe

2-5 MHz, Scan depth 6-24cm

Linear array probe

2-12 MHz, Scan depth 1-7cm

Trans-vaginal probe

4-10 MHz, Scan depth 2-10cm

Micro-convex array probe

3-7 MHz, Scan depth 2-10cm

Enhanced Dual PocketScanner

Enhanced dual probe

2-10 MHz, Scan depth 6-24cm

MX5 Enhanced Rectal Linear

Enhanced rectal linear probe (Vet)

128 elements, 4-8M

Focused Applications in Point-of-care

MX5 Go plus provides high-quality imaging and is routinely used in many clinical environments, from hospital bedsides and clinics, even in civil accident and emergency medicine, MX5 mobile ultrasound can be a useful supplement to other diagnostic tools. In hospitals, medical practices and home visits, it can equally underpin rapid point-of-care diagnoses, avoiding delays or the need for patients to travel.

Veterinary Scanner System is Available

MX5 Go Plus Application

MX5 Go plus series ready when you are and wherever you go, to help you make fast, accurate decisions in a wide range of applications.

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Small Parts

Small Parts

MX5 Go pocket ultrasound system is available almost anywhere. Just download the Go Scan APP and install it on the smartphone or tablet, plug in the transducer, and you're set. Meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it's needed.

With MX5 Go pre-registered ultrasound Android App or Windows software, it's easy to get started in just three easy steps.

icon download

Download APP

Download the app to the compatible Android smart devices

icon connect

Connect ultrasound probe

The MX5 transducer to a compatible device through a simple USB connection.

icon scanning

Start scanning

Easy begin scanning with the quality of MX5 imaging from your compatible smart device.

Consult MX5 Go plus portable ultrasound price

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