Application of Skin ultrasound SonoMaxx in Dermatology

What's the Clinical Need in Skin ultrasound SonoMaxx?

To assess correctly benign and malignant skin lesions in the epidermis, dermis, and subcutis, as well as blood vessels close to the skin. A precise measurement of skin thickness and evaluation of internal skin structures can provide relevant insights related to the performance of surgical or nonsurgical procedures, therapeutic, cosmetic treatment, and patient follow-up.

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Is it growing use of ultrasound for aesthetic procedures?
It is a breakthrough in the growing use of ultrasound for aesthetic procedures. We have learned a lot in recent years about the anatomy of the face, the neck, and also the body, and we are doing more and more aesthetic treatments. And we've been doing them blindly. So, we inject blindly almost every time. And I think once we have the ultrasound, we can inject knowing where we're going and also not inject where we don't want to inject. It's a game changer for the industry.
When using Skin ultrasound SonoMaxx for aesthetic procedures? 
  1. Visualize the filling or visualize if the patient arrives with any problem. Some patients do not remember where the fillers were injected. Sometimes the padding can move from one area to another.
  2.  To prevent intravascular injection, the biggest risk when we inject ourselves is intravascular injection. This can lead to blindness. This can lead to skin necrosis. This can lead to an embolism. This is a very, very dangerous complication. So it can actually be prevented by visualizing the vessels.
  3. Treat the problem with a filler. So, for example, if we have a filler granuloma, or if the filler is not injected correctly, or even if it is injected intravascularly, then we can use ultrasound as a guide to treat this complication. And we can see where it is. We can see where the fill is and we can process it accordingly and exactly where we need it.

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Is SonoMaxx ultrasound becoming standard practice for aesthetic professionals?

I see ultrasound becoming the standard for cosmetic procedures. I think it will take some time for doctors to accept this and for us to learn how to do it. We need precise protocols for aesthetic clinics because every doctor who will be using ultrasound needs to know what to do, what exactly needs to be photographed, what to measure, how to approach, and what to check. Because SonoMaxx ultrasound has many clinical benefits

  • • Non-invasive technology in real-time, suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • • High-frequency ultrasound allows the user to have an amazing resolution to discriminate echoes.
  • • Clear differentiation between structures providing clinical support during diagnosis, follow-up, and treatment.
  • • A cost-effective solution, that is suitable for different depths, target areas, and patients (from adults to pediatrics).
  • • Enhanced power Doppler (up to 16.7 MHz) for extra sensitivity in low flow detection.

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