BMV BPU60 ultrasound coming soon

We mostly use this machine for abdominal ultrasounds in order to assess the architecture of organs and to discover why patients are ill or have changes in their blood work. It is very effective when scanning the intestines, pancreas, liver and kidneys. It’s also a useful screening tool for breeds that are commonly prone to certain diseases.

What’s good about it?

The BMV BPU60 ultrasound provides very good detail within a close range to the probe. In the near field, the images are high-quality and easy to interpret.

The unit has two components: a touch screen where you select all the patient data and a larger screen where the ultrasound images are displayed. All the images can be saved and stored.It’s also possible to create picture files and archives so you can examine a whole subset of images.

Sometimes I’ll show the images to a client but the results require a little explanation. I just wheel in the machine and bring up the stored images.

I also like that it’s a non-invasive, non-harmful tool that doesn’t produce ionising radiation. The biggest problem I face with an ultrasound examination is shaving the animal’s abdomen—clients don’t like the look of the haircut!

What’s not so good

While the BMV BPU60 ultrasound produces great images at close range, there can be difficulty in getting detail on deeper organs. However, that’s pretty much the same problem with most ultrasound machines.


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