BMV participated in the 68th China International Medical Equipment Fair

October 18-21, the 68th China International Medical Devices (Autumn) Expo held in Chengdu. The current medical fair to "innovation and technology wisdom of medical care" as the theme, from more than 20 countries and regions, more than 2,500 exhibitors, showing the field of medical technology, the latest technological achievements and innovative products.

BMV with a new brand image debut Fair 3, the main hall, BMV booth is divided into six regions to show, namely, medical imaging, life monitoring, routine treatment of the overall solution.

The highlights of the BMV booth are three upgrade products: BCU60, BCU30, TouchScan ™ TS20, TS30. After the upgrade, the clinical efficacy of the product is more excellent, the technical advantage is more significant, the use of more convenient operation, human, on behalf of the industry's leading technology level.

Exhibition site, BMV and the United States iCRco company held a new video conference, in order to further increase the BMV imaging medical products in the grassroots market share. In the second floor of the booth, BMV's overall solution of the economy caused the majority of hospital customers concerned about the relevant programs, a number of hospitals hope to carry out further cooperation.

At the same time, BMV booth attracted the attention of the media. BMV Mr. David Rose received an interview with World Medical Devices magazine to introduce the development of BMV and the strategic direction of the future, with particular emphasis on BMV will strengthen operational services and promote sustainable development.

Through this exhibition, BMV shows the products, brands and services, and strengthen the cooperation and exchanges with our customers. BMV will live up to expectations, adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly open up new business, rich product line, so that medical technology to serve the public, contribute to the cause of human health!


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