BMV’s BPU60 meets pet clinics demand on color doppler system

BMV press release:

Today ultrasound is ‘must have’ for every practice.

It ’s obvious that veterinary practices must thoroughly evaluate exactly what equipment their practice needs.

J.N. Olsen, DVM touted BMV’s BPU60 Vet, which hedescribed as a “high-quality, easy-to-use digital system with many advanced features for well under $10,000”.

Most practices can do fine with an ultrasound that only produces black and white images, but more and more veterinarians are choosing systems with color flow Doppler and other cardiac imaging tools as the cost of these features drops.

“Most companion animal practices should have at minimum a micro-convex probe with a frequency range of 3 to 9 MHz,” added by J.N. Olsen, DVM “For larger dogs, it’s good to have a probe that has greater tissue penetration”.




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