SCAU Presidents Yahong Liu visited BMV and highlighted the potential of our innovative imaging technology for livestock and pets healthcare

SCAU(South China Agricultural University) Presidents Yahong Liu visited our headquarters last December 19th.  Agility is the developing trend of enterprise in the future, since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, at BMV we have taken a firm step towards animal health such as Anesthesia & Intensive Care , Ruminant & Farm Equipment, Imaging Systems, where we know we can contribute by providing multiple solutions thanks to our experience and knowledge. We have a unique model and special know-how that positions us at the forefront,from research and development to production and marketing.

The visit arose as a result of the SCAU Presidents Yahong Liu’s interest in learning about the progress BMV is making towards animal health. Apart from visiting the facilities, the SCAU Presidents Yahong Liu met with company management to discuss projects focused on this new stage.

At BMV we are currently researching new advanced and Clinical & Laboratory products by conducting two lines of research: one on our own and another in collaboration with the RuiPai Animal Hospital Clínic(the biggest veterinary group).

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