Smart Swine Backfat meter - BF8

Diagnostic Ultrasound has an important role in the prediction of backfat depth of live pigs, mainly for the purpose of selecting animals for leaner pork production. In order to achieve efficient lean pig production, the accuracy of ultrasonic instruments in the prediction of backfat depth on live pigs and the correlations with values attained in the factory is therefore critical.

BMV’s BF-8 is a smart swine can work with any Android devices (tablet, smartphone). Start BF-8 and connects to Android device via Bluetooth, press Eartag reader key to read ear tag on pig, pig ID will be recorded by APP. Then press Backfat meter key to measure Backfat, the test result will appear on LCD display instantly, as well as suggested feed quantity. Click Save, then Return to start another session – all the test result can be exported within 1 .xls file for sharing, analyzing. 



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