TouchScan® TS60 Tablet Ultrasound System

Shenzhen, China, May 21, 2016–BMV announced that the new-generation TouchScan® TS60 Tablet ultrasound system has been officially released.BMV understands the requirements for an optimal user experience. Combining full application packages, auto-measurement tools, and onboard education software, the TouchScan® TS60 makes ultrasound scanning accurate, efficient and accessible with exceptional capability. 
Why choose the TS60?
  • Superior image quality, Hi-Res 15'' LCD capacitive full touch-screen monitor;
  • Simplified workflow with focused diagnosis;
  • Multiple transducers to enable extended diagnosis;
  • Various animal veterinary measurement packages ;
  • Advanced simple user interface performance ;
  • Digital TGC Preset;
  • Micro Probe Connector;
  • External keyboard (optional);
  • Mounting systems: mobile stand, stationary support(optional).
 ts60 cover
Portable, Flexible and Optimized Workflow
● Mount on a wall, ceiling or height-adjustable cart using universal VESA support or position on any flat, stable surface
● Fully programmable touch screen for easy customization
● Special Animal Measurement Package
● Multiple transducers to enable extended diagnosis:
TS60 probe
Excellent Performance in a Compact, Portable Design
● High quality clinical images and advanced imaging technologies;
● Fully customizable touch screen;
● Versatile application and easy-to-use features.


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