What is the Ideal Portable on-farm ultrasound scanner

Portable B Type veterinary ultrasonic clinical applicant in animals reproduction diagnosis
With the development of science and technology, the ultrasonic technology have been used for various fields; Nowadays, as the development of agriculture become more and more industrialized, B-type ultrasound play an important part in the breeding diagnosis of animal Husbandry.

Because ultrasound diagnosis have an advantage of easy operation, high accurate rate, so that ultrasound have been widely used for pregnancy detection of Pig, Sheep, horse, cattle, cat, dog and so on.

B Type Ultrasound in animal pregnancy detection principle

  • Gestational age, fetus number, and fetal sex estimates
  • Estimation of fetal age by measuring the length of the fetus, such as the length of fetal head, biparietal diameter to figure out the fetal age.
  • The number of fetus and the sex of fetal can be estimate by the B type image
  • Combined with the fetal structure growing and physical activity, such as fetal heart rate, stomach changes, and bone structure growing to estimate fetal age.


Here share the cattle fetus image in Bestscan S6

S6 image 2

S6 image 3

Doing pregnancy testing regularly by Ultrasound, can identify the no pregnancy animal at the early stage and then adjust the feeding plan to reduce the cost
Doing pregnancy detection by B mode ultrasound is quicker, higher accurate rate than other pregnancy test ways, pick out the no pregnancy animals, can save feeding cost and arrange next breeding earlier, greatly improving the production efficient of animals.

Health testing in animals genital organs by B type ultrasound
B mode ultrasound also can be used for ovarian&gynecological diseases detection, timely treatment can improve animals health rate, and keep them in healthy reproduction way.

s6 image 4(ovarian follicle)

uterine horn(uterine horn)

B Type ultrasound become more and more important in the modern livestock breeding, it not only can improve the accurate rate of pregnancy detection, but also ensure the health of animals and safety reproduction, enhance the level of scientific management, and let the development of animals husbandry more efficient.


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