2017 China Dairy Exhibition

The 8th dairy conference and 2017 China Dairy Exhibition hosted by China Dairy Association was held in June 16-18, 2017 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Nanjing International Expo Center.

During the conference, Vice Minister of Agriculture Yu Kangzhen and China Dairy Association President Gao Hongbin expound the challenges and long-term objectives in China. During the meeting, Gao Hongbin said that China's dairy industry had ended the situation which had been troubled by Melamine, the main contradiction in China's dairy industry is no longer a quality and safety issues, but the development of the problem.

Turning to the currently problem of dairy industry, Yu KangZhen stressed that the dairy industry problems can not be avoided. Since 2015, the first half of each year have occurred "selling milk difficulty" problem. According to the survey, the recent dairy production of fresh milk limited production accounts for about 10% of total output, dairy cattle breeding loss of more than 50%. To give full play to the government, associations, enterprises and other forces, and actively respond to work together to resolve. One to "Plant good grass" to increase the quality of supply of dairy cattle forage. Two to "raise good cattle" to improve the standardization of the scale of dairy farming. Three to "produce good milk" to enhance the quality of dairy safety. Four to "promote integration" to improve the level of dairy integration development. Five to "strong propaganda" to enhance the influence of China's dairy industry.

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bmv 2017 exhibition

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