4-Channels IBP

4-Channels Invasive Blood Pressure Module

Our 4-Channel IBP module provides the measurements of Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure, Mean Arterial Pressure as well as Pulse Rate. The response time is configurable and it is simple to integrate with the provided source code to speed up your time to market.

It complies with IEC 60601-2-34:2000, and has already been integrated in CE marked devices.

For more hemodynamics parameters, you may also be interested in our Continuous CO and 2Ch IBP module for patient monitoring.

  • Small size for simple assembly
  • 4 channels IBP monitoring of SBP, DBP, MAP and PR
  • Response time settings
  • Compatible with ZUGMED protocol
  • Compliance with 60601-2-34
  • Easy integration with source code and support provided

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  • Electrical and Mechanical Specifications
• Voltage: +12V DC, ±0.5V
• Power Consumption : < 1.5W
• Dimension: 87mm×45mm×15mm

  • Performances, Range and Accuracy
Blood Pressure
• Range: -50 ~ 400mmHg
• Accuracy: ±2mmHg, or ±1% of reading (whichever is bigger)
Pulse Rate
• Range: 35~250bpm
• Accuracy: ±3bpm


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  • 4 IBP Module Datasheet



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