External Sidestream CO2

External Sidestream Capnograph Module

Part # SGSE

Our capnography technology is available in inexpensive and reliable mainstream or sidestream versions for manufacturers of patient monitors, anaesthesia machines and ventilators.

SensoGas-SE external sidestream capnograph module is an excellent plug and play alternative module to added to your designs for your CO2 gas analysis needs. It can replace seamlessly competing sidestream capnograph modules on the market, consult us for details.

It is used in conjonction with our new PFSA polymer sampling line that takes off the humidity allowing long working hours without replacement of the sampling line. Pump lifetime is prolongated thanks to the detection of  the sampling line presence. When the sampling line is not present, the pump would simply go in standby.

You may also be interested in our mainstream capnograph module for your anaesthesia, ventilators or emergency applications.

  • Provides real-time data of EtCO2, InsCO2, Capnogram and Respiration Rate
  • Supports monitoring patients with high respiration rates, up to 150 rpm
  • Supports intubated and non-intubated patients
  • Sensitive CO2 detection, can detect minimum 0.1 vol% CO2 change
  • High accuracy with microflow sampling at 50ml/min
  • Low rise-up Time (< 180ms), Response Time below 2s
  • Long continuous working time (depending on model)
  • Wide range of gas measurement (0 ~ 20%)
  • Sensors for Software and Hardware status
  • Capnogram data
  • Automatic zeroing
  • Microstream sampling line made of PFSA polymer to remove humidity
  • Sampling line presence detection to extend pump lifetime
  • Simple interfacing with RS232 serial interface via DB9 connector
  • Accuracy according to the requirements of ISO 80601-2-55:2011
  • For OEM version, can be delivered with compatible communication protocols
  • Electrical and Mechanical Specifications
• Voltage: +5V DC, offset voltage between ±10% of full range
• Power: Normal operation ≤ 1.5W
• Dimension: 90mm×60mm×31mm
• Weight: ≤ 180g (excluding cable)

  • Performances, Range and Accuracy
• Range: 0 ~ 20 vol %
• Resolution: 0.1 vol %
• Accuracy: from 0 ~ 12 vol %, ±(0.2vol% + 2% of reading); 
            from 12 ~ 20 vol %, ±(0.2vol% + 6% of reading)
Respiratory Rate
• Range: 0 ~ 150rpm
• Accuracy: from 0 ~ 70rmp, ±1rpm; above 70rmp, undefined
• Resolution: ±1rpm
• Rise time: ≤ 180ms
• System response time: ≤ 2s (with a 2m sampling line)
• Fixed Micro Flow: 50 ml/min (±10ml/min)

  • Ratings
Working Conditions
• Temperature: 10 ~ 40°C (50 to 104°F)
• Humidity: 15 ~ 90%, non-condensation
• Altitude: 500 ~ 1200hPa
Storage Conditions
• Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C (4 to 158°F)
• Humidity: 15 ~ 95%, non-condensation
• Altitude: 400 ~ 1200hPa


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  • External Sidestream CO2 Module Datasheet

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