Isolated SpO2

Isolated SpO2 Module with TEMP Option

Part # MISPO2 and MISPO2T

Our isolated SpO2 module provides complete electrical isolation between power and sensor, allowing the full protection required for patient for devices which are electrically connected to main power supply and not running on batteries.

It has excellent algorithms for motion artifacts rejection providing a continuous correct detection of saturation and pulse.

Its high accuracy and sensitivity allowing low blood perfusion to be readable, match the requirements for OR, ICU and NICU use, suitable for neonate to adult patients.

It is compatible with major brands of SpO2 sensors for a better acceptance on the market, and avoid the waste of current sets of disposables sensors.

It embeds a double temperature measurement which allows to connect up to 2 skin temperature probes for real-time continuous measurement. The Temperature function is optional and available on part #MISPO2T.

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  • SpO2, Pulse Rate (PR), Perfusion Index (PI), Variation Index (VI) monitoring
  • Optional Double Temperature (TEMP) monitoring, Part #MISPO2T Only
  • Real time transmission of pulse wave signal
  • Real time transmission of module states: hardware state, software state and sensor state
  • Averaging time setting
  • High accuracy and reliability when low blood perfusion (0.075%), suitable for application in OR, ICU, NICU
  • Advanced anti-motion algorithm preventing interferences and false alarms
  • Compatible with Nellcor SpO2 sensors
  • Built-in patient electrical isolation
  • Compatible with ZUGMED protocol and BCI-B protocol
  • Accuracy according to the requirements of ISO80601
  • Support OEM, excellent choice for integration in patient monitoring devices.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Specifications
• Voltage: +12V DC, offset voltage between ±10% of full range
• Power consumption: <120mA
• Dimension: 88.9mm×50.8mm×14.2mm

  • Performances, Range and Accuracy
• Range: 0 ~ 100%
• Accuracy: from 70 ~ 100%, ±2%; below 70%, undefined
• Resolution: 1%
Pulse Rate (PR)
• Range: 25 ~ 250bpm
• Resolution: 1bpm
• Accuracy: ±2%
Perfusion Index (PI)
• Range: 0.075 ~ 20%
• Accuracy: undefined
• Resolution: 0.001%
Variation Index (VI)
• Range: 0 ~ 100%
• Accuracy: undefined
• Resolution: 1%
Temperature (TEMP), Optional Part# MISPO2T Only
• Range: 0 ~ 50°C
• Accuracy: ±0.1°C
• Resolution: 0.1°C
ParametersZugMed MSPO2Major Brand 1Major Brand 2
Measurement Range 0 ~ 100% 0 ~ 100% 0 ~ 100%
Measurement Accuracy From 70 ~ 100%, ±2%;
not specified below 70%
From 70 ~ 100%, ±2%;
not specified below 70%
From 70 ~ 100%, ±2%;
not specified below 70%
Perfusion Index 0.05% 0.20% 0.025%
Response Time Average: 4.86s Average: 6.03s Average: < 20s
Temperature (Option) Range: 0 ~ 50°C Not Available Not Available

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  • Isolated SpO2 Module Datasheet

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